1 public services (countable often plural) things such as education, hospitals, banks etc that are provided for the public to use: the decline in public services in recent times | the welfare/medical/social etc service (=services provided especially by the government) | police/fire/ambulance etc service: He joined the police service at the age of 18.
2 jury/military/community etc service something that ordinary people can be asked to do for the public as a public duty or as a punishment: You're lucky you were only sentenced to community service.
3 (singular, uncountable) help that you give to someone: be of service (=help someone): Don't thank me - I'm glad to be of service. | do sb a service (=do something to help someone): Oh, thanks, it'll be doing me a service. | provide a service (=provide help for someone) | for services rendered formal (=for help that you have given)
4 SHOP/HOTEL ETC (U) the help that people who work in a shop, restaurant, bar etc give you: What was the service in that new restaurant like? | customer service: For refunds, please go to the customer service counter.
5 ORGANIZATION (C) an organization that provides advice and help, for example with legal or personal problems: a careers information service
6 be at your service formal or humorous if someone or something is at your service, they are available to help you in some way if you need them: My secretary and library are at your service.
7 press sb/sth into service to persuade someone to help you, or use something to help you do something: We pressed Georgie's old bike into service.
8 EMPLOYMENT (plural, uncountable) the work you do for a person or organization: 20/30 years etc of service: Brian's retiring after 25 years of loyal service to the company. | services to sb (=work, especially successful work, you have done for someone): an award for services to the printing industry | public service (=work done for the public or the government)
9 SERVANT (U) the job of working as a servant in someone's house, especially in former times: be in service (=be working as a servant in someone's house) | domestic service (=the job of working for someone in their house)
10 BUSINESS (C) a business that provides help or does jobs for people rather than producing things: the export of both manufactured goods and services | a babysitting/press-cutting/ironing etc service: She's set up a dog-walking service in her local area.
—see also: service industry
11 GOVERNMENT (countable usually singular) an organization that works directly for a government: the diplomatic service | the foreign service
12 the services a country's military forces, especially considered as a job: I'm not sure what I'll do, maybe join the services.
13 (be on) active service to be actually fighting in a battle or war while you are in the army, navy etc
14 RELIGION (C) a formal religious ceremony, for example in church: hold/conduct a service (=be the person in charge of a service): The Reverend James Wilkins will conduct the service. | marriage/funeral/christening etc: a memorial service for the disaster victims
15 SPORT (C) an act of hitting a ball through the air in order to start a game, for example in tennis: It's your service.
16 services BrE a place near a motorway where you can stop and have a meal or drink, or buy food, petrol etc: How far is it to the next services?
—see also: service station
17 CAR/MACHINE (C) an examination and repair of a machine or car to keep it working properly: I'm getting the bus home - my car's in for a service.
18 PLANES ETC dinner/tea service a set of matching plates, bowls, cups etc
19 BUS/TRAIN (countable usually singular) a regular journey made by a bus, train, boat etc to a particular place or at a particular time: the 8:15 service to Cambridge
—see also: lip service 2 verb (T)
1 to examine a machine or vehicle and fix it if necessary: I'm having the car serviced next week.
2 to provide people with something they need or want: city departments that service the local communities
3 technical to pay the interest 1 (4) on a debt
3 adjective service stairs/elevator etc stairs etc that are only for the use of people working in a place, rather than the public

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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